• bread
  • Pizza sauce
  • some veggies
  • Cheeze


  1. Heat a heavy tawa or pan or griddle. Spread about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon olive oil on it. You can even use butter instead of olive oil. Keep the flame to its lowest. Do use a heavy tawa or pan or else the bread can get too much browned or burnt from the bottom. Also, keep the flame to its lowest when making the entire recipe.
  2. Place bread slice on it. You can keep 1 to 2 bread slices at a time depending on the size of the tawa or pan. You can use any variety of bread like white bread, whole wheat or brown bread or multi grain bread.
  3. Lightly toast the bread from the base and then flip it.
  4. Now quickly spread some pizza sauce on the lightly toasted side.
  5. Quickly top with small onion cubes. Chop all the veggies and keep it ready before you start preparing the pizza.
  6. Then quickly place capsicum cubes. Keep the cubes small. While adding the topping keep the flame to its lowest. you can also switch off the flame when you add toppings on the pizza.
  7. Now top quickly with small tomato cubes. Also, add some sliced olives. Both tomatoes and olives are optional and you can skip them. You can even add steamed corn kernels or sauteed mushrooms. Sauteed spinach can also be added.
  8. Sprinkle dried herbs like oregano, basil. Also add some crushed black pepper or black pepper powder. You can even add fresh basil leaves instead of dried basil. Addition of black pepper is optional. You can even use pizza seasoning instead of adding dried herbs separately.
  9. Now quickly top with grated mozzarella cheese or pizza cheese.
  10. Keep the flame to its lowest. Place a lid on the bread pizza.
  11. Cook till cheese melts and the bread is toasted.
  12. Remove with a spatula and place it on a serving plate. Sprinkle some red chili flakes or oregano if you want. Red chili flakes can be skipped also.
  13. Serve bread pizza hot plain or accompanied with tomato sauce or pizza sauce.